WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


What are Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes (commonly referred to as e-cigs) are increasing in popularity. They are battery powered nicotine delivery systems. Electronic cigarettes come in a variety of styles and vary in size and performance. E-cigs work by heating a liquid and turning it into a colorless, odorless vapor that is inhaled by the user.

How are Electronic Cigarettes Different from Tobacco Cigarettes?

Cigarettes contain an estimated 7,000 chemicals. Over 600 of these chemicals are known carcinogens. Cigarettes contain ammonia, formaldehyde, tar, and cyanide to name a few. Smoking is responsible for causing 87% of all lung cancer deaths. E-cigs do not involve combustion, so there is no smoke. E-Liquid is heated to vaporize the solution. Unlike tobacco cigarettes, e-cigs do not contain carbon monoxide, offensive odors, or second-hand smoke.

What's Inside the Vapor?

The primary component of our E-Liquid is USP Grade propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is a clear, colorless liquid that is "generally recognized as safe” by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. PG is used in flavor solutions and extractions. For example, PG is used to extract vanilla from vanilla beans. It's also found in baby care products, mouth washes and toothpastes among many other personal care items. Chances are you've been using a product that contains propylene glycol without even knowing it.

How Long Will a 30ml Bottle of E-Liquid Last?

The amount of time it takes to go through a 30ml bottle of E-Liquid depends on the frequency of use. Typically, a bottle will last anywhere from 2 - 5 weeks.

What Nicotine Level Should I Get?

We have five nicotine levels to choose from when ordering our premium E-Liquid. We usually recommend starting at 18mg; this amount of nicotine is comparable to that of a standard cigarette. However, nicotine levels are a matter of personal preference. The nicotine level is responsible for the throat hit associated with smoking. A higher nicotine level provides a stronger throat hit, while lower nicotine is smoother.

About How Many Cigarettes Would be Equivalent to a Regular Size Tank?

There is no absolute way to quantify the number of cigarettes presents in a full tank of e-liquid given the fact that the usage frequency varies from person to person. Electronics cigarettes are essentially a nicotine direct injection system, and depending on the level of nicotine chosen, the amount of nicotine dispensed with each puff differs; as does the lung capacity of the each individual which also plays a role into how much nicotine is actually absorbed by the body. Use the electronic cigarette as needed until the craving is curved just as you would with traditional cigarettes. A tank, typically, last anywhere from 1 - 3 days depending on frequency of use.

How Long do the Batteries Last?

Depending on the user, a fully charged 900mAh battery will typically last a pack-a-day smoker one complete day which is about 7 hour straght useage. 1300mAh and 2200mAh battery will last about two to three days. 

How Often Should I Change out my Atomizer coil?

Depending on the usage, each coil will last approximately 3-6 weeks. This is roughly equivalent to the amount of time it takes a pack-a-day smoker to use a 30mL bottle of E-liquid.

What is the Best Way to Care for my Battery?

Whenever possible use the protective carrying case included with every Starter Kit when your e-cig is being transported. We also recommend charging your battery BEFORE it is totally drained. When you feel your battery getting a bit weak, just switch to a charged, backup battery and recharge the weak one. You will actually increase the battery’s life if you don't run it totally down. This will ensure that your batteries last as long as they should.

Should I Charge my Battery Before I use It?

The batteries are shipped with a 70% charge, which is the best way to store lithium-ion batteries. You don’t need to charge it when you receive it, but for optimal performance it is highly recommended.

Where are Electronic Cigarettes Permitted?

Cignew electronic cigarettes do not produce any ash, odor, or cigarette butts the way traditional cigarettes do. Cignew electronic cigarettes offer a smoking alternative that you can smoke in many non-smoking areas. It's advisable to ask permission before using your electronic cigarette in public places.

What is the Policy for Exchanges and Returns?

For a detailed outline of our policies concerning exchanges and warranties please refer to our Terms and Conditions .

When Can I Expect to Receive my Order?

Processing time is generally within 24 hours of when the order is placed. If an order is placed on the weekend it will be shipped on Monday. After your order has been processed and packaged it will be shipped priority mail and usually arrives within 1-4 business days.